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  1. T


    Hello everybody. I’m new to this and I’m ready to ctb. I’ve been reading up on threads the last few days and this is my first time hearing a lot of these terminologies. I’ve tried to ctb before, overdosing on painkillers and hanging. Obviously, you see how well that has worked. I need more...
  2. Y

    Benzo's and bourbon

    Hi all, been looking into various methods (needs to be painless or as painless as possible I dont deal with pain well) would prefer to have as little knowledge of the fact I'm dying as possible. I'm desperate to escape this asap and was looking into the sn method but the anti sickness drugs...
  3. Rivotrial

    My painfull attempt with Luminal and Xanax

    This is my failed attempt I wanna share with you 3 years ago I got a call from my cousin. She told me that she knowed what I did with my other cousin entire years. She wasn't blaming me, but it didn't help eather. My modesty and guilt was that huge that I started my first impulsive attempt...
  4. Can'tStandAnymore

    [Help] Do I need a benzo while doing SN method?

    My appointment with the psychiatrist is 10 days later. Also, I don’t really think that she will give me a benzo. I need to do ctb in the soonest time, probably at the next week. I don’t know if I have to wait for taking a benzo.
  5. gunsforhands

    Best benzo?

    Hey, I recently got into benzos (e.g. Tavor, Xanax, Valium), not as a drug so far but for my anxiety legally prescribed. But i would like to try it with a friend for some fun/good time as well. So I got 3 questions for you: What benzos did you try, how was your experience and what was the...
  6. I

    [Story] Benzo withdrawal and asperger's syndrome. why i am here.

    I'm going to cut this as short as I can. The reason I am planning on exiting this world soon is mainly because I am suffering the most horrendous withdrawal from 'research chemical' Benzos. I was forced into a cold turkey from a dose equivalent to 1000mg of Diazepam on most days, yeah, 1000...
  7. S

    Screwed by benzos

    Anyone here driven to this site by “mother’s little helper”? I took only 14 pills of bromazepam recommended by a school counsellor and prescribed by the doctor. Threw me into 6 months of withdrawal hell: sensation of stabbing in the chest, confusion, convulsions, inability to focus, restless...