1. Can'tStandAnymore

    [Help] Do I need a benzo while doing SN method?

    My appointment with the psychiatrist is 10 days later. Also, I don’t really think that she will give me a benzo. I need to do ctb in the soonest time, probably at the next week. I don’t know if I have to wait for taking a benzo.
  2. gunsforhands

    Best benzo?

    Hey, I recently got into benzos (e.g. Tavor, Xanax, Valium), not as a drug so far but for my anxiety legally prescribed. But i would like to try it with a friend for some fun/good time as well. So I got 3 questions for you: What benzos did you try, how was your experience and what was the...
  3. I

    [Story] Benzo withdrawal and asperger's syndrome. why i am here.

    I'm going to cut this as short as I can. The reason I am planning on exiting this world soon is mainly because I am suffering the most horrendous withdrawal from 'research chemical' Benzos. I was forced into a cold turkey from a dose equivalent to 1000mg of Diazepam on most days, yeah, 1000...
  4. S

    Screwed by benzos

    Anyone here driven to this site by “mother’s little helper”? I took only 14 pills of bromazepam recommended by a school counsellor and prescribed by the doctor. Threw me into 6 months of withdrawal hell: sensation of stabbing in the chest, confusion, convulsions, inability to focus, restless...