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  1. Baskol1

    [Discussion] I think my eyesight is getting worse

    I fear that my eyesight is already getting worse. I mean im already nearsighted, but i dont want to become blind, or nearly blind. But it seems my eyesight is getting worse, and actually pretty fast. Does anyone here want to kill themselves because of blindness, or near blindness in the future...
  2. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Sucessful despite autism?

    How likely is it to be successful in life with autism? Because im autistic. Yes i know there are some extremely successful autists, or rather aspergers, but how likely is that? Very unlikely, right? Especially if you have more problems than just autism. Or is autism not a good enough reason to...
  3. Baskol1

    [Discussion] It seems im cursed

    I think im cursed, because just never have luck in life. Yes there are people who have even worse luck than me. But im pretty unlucky in life. For example im autistic, i have tinnitus, and hearing loss i believe, vision loss too, chronic pain too, anxiety, depression of course. The worst thing...
  4. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Too young argument

    Many people will say youre too young to kill yourself, you have still your while life ahead of you. They are not wrong, but im autistic, so it is unlikely i will be successful in life. Besides, the future of humanity does not look good anyway. Maybe society will soon collapse anyway? The romans...
  5. Baskol1

    Suicide because of autism?

    Many people say autism is not a reason to commit suicide, and you can live a good life despite autism. But, this is not entirely true. Yes some autists are sucessful in life despite their autism. But many autists are not, and have a horrible life. As many as autists 85% are unemployed. And im...
  6. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Wat if the problems are overwhelming?

    It is hard to stay positive, even for a day if the problems seem to be overwhelming. For example im autistic, i have anxiety, im depressed, i have chronic pain, i dropped out of school, i dont have a job, and never had. Its very hard so stay positive with many problems. And its hard to not...
  7. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Shamed for not having a job

    Do some people shame you too if you say them youre currently unemployed, and dont have a job? And if you say why youre unemployed, in my case its autism, they will say this is not a reason to be unemployed. Some even say if you can write on the internet, youre able to work. Yes i heard that many...
  8. Baskol1

    [Discussion] Will you survive into your 80s?

    Do you think it is somehow possible that you survive into your 80s life a great, healthy and successfull life and die a natural death? Maybe you will even live older than 90? Or is that highly unlikely? I dont think i will even reach 30. Because i just cant take it any longer. But at the same...
  9. eczema

    Being treated like a child due to disability

    i'm autistic, and everyone in my family acts like i'm five. and when i was five they acted like i was a baby. my parents have legal custody of me and don't give me any choice in my own life- i'm hardly ever allowed to be alone at home. people don't talk about important things in front of me, and...
  10. M

    New member intro/peaceful method suggestions

    Usually I'd say "thank god for this forum," but a god worth thanking would never allow the circumstances that have brought me here to unfold. I am a 21-year-old autistic man. Regardless of how anyone else feels about the issue, I personally view my autism as a debilitating brain disorder that...