1. S

    Hanging in a few days

    Edit: originally wasn't going to do 'one of these goodbye's' but then I thought who cares. Hoping to go by hanging (don't care full or partial) in a day or a few days from now. Would've preferred a more peaceful method with a partner, but a partner never showed up for CO and there was once a...
  2. 2ISAB

    [Method] The Gap (Sydney) Australia

    Not going into anything here, but what type of preparations do I need to consider before jumping? I will not be dressed like my ordinary self. I'm thinking of doing a tourist exploration to further avoid detection. They now have cameras and inward facing fences but people are still jumping. I'm...
  3. W

    Pact - aus

    Seems like pact requests are allowed here, so figured I'd give it a shot. I'm 30 male, based in Victoria, Aus. Looking for a potential partner, or even just someone to discuss method ideas/locations with.
  4. Z

    [Help] Seeking Suicide Buddy in AUS

    Hi there. My name is Zee (majority abbreviated haha) I am a trans woman, utterly despise life including myself. I want to end it all but I dont want to be alone in the moment. So I'm wondering if someone is wanting the same, Australia area. I'm from Queensland but location isnt an issue, we can...