1. Baku

    [Discussion] 90% of People who survive a Suicide Attempt don't end up committing suicide.

    Hey SS I've found this article Article , thanks to @FTL.Wanderer for sharing it btw, which shows that circa 90% of people who survive an attempt won't end up dying of suicide. What do you all think? Have the statistics been inflated? Are we really just in a crisis?
  2. muretax

    It’s been a while

    Hey, everyone. The last time I posted in here was back in December. I had a plan to end it all before 2019 started and unfortunately that never happened. The last week of 2018, I got sick and was misdiagnosed and I didn’t want to spend my last moments sick, unable to see my family for the last...
  3. Moth

    [Venting] Hospital

    Sooooo, I have landed myself in the psych ward, because of my suicidality, I had a psych assessment in A&E, my brother sat with me, made sure I didn't just say what I needed to to get me out of there. So I've ended up in this place. I want to go home and finish what I started. But seeing my...
  4. Lettam

    [Discussion] Live Streaming CTB

    There are some critics to certain methods such as SN (how effective and peaceful it is) and I was wondering if it'd be appropriate for someone to live stream a CTB attempt to provide more insight on certain methods if they were willing. All live streaming platforms I can think of would...
  5. 21Neberg

    [Discussion] What are the consequences of a failed attempt at an overdose with medicines mixed w/ alcohol?

    Just wondering. If I fail, I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair.
  6. Querry1

    [Method] Sodium nitrite attempt

    As I said, I'm copypasting my story. I said earlier that I phoned 911 - my mistake, I didn't remember it and actually it was other way around, sorry for that. " Hey guys, last night I went with sodium nitrite and wanted to share some a story. I mixed 15g with 60ml of water, half hour before I...