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  1. P

    What do you do if you get caught attempting suicide?

    Hello, If, for some reason, you get caught while attempting suicide, what should one do? What's the best defense to avoid psych ward or consequences? Should one deny or say it was just an impulse? I live in France if that matters
  2. whyidon'tknow

    [Discussion] Full hanging experiences

    Was looking to hear peoples experiences with full hanging as this is my preferred method. Have read stories of people experiencing lots of pain to no pain and would like to get all the stories in one place Thank you
  3. whyidon'tknow

    [Discussion] Failed hanging stories?

    Anyone come across stories of people who have failed at hanging, specifically full suspension? General hanging attempt thread Will post what I find. Some in here. A collective mix...
  4. Rivotrial

    My painfull attempt with Luminal and Xanax

    This is my failed attempt I wanna share with you 3 years ago I got a call from my cousin. She told me that she knowed what I did with my other cousin entire years. She wasn't blaming me, but it didn't help eather. My modesty and guilt was that huge that I started my first impulsive attempt...
  5. Baku

    [Discussion] 90% of People who survive a Suicide Attempt don't end up committing suicide.

    Hey SS I've found this article Article , thanks to @FTL.Wanderer for sharing it btw, which shows that circa 90% of people who survive an attempt won't end up dying of suicide. What do you all think? Have the statistics been inflated? Are we really just in a crisis?
  6. muretax

    It’s been a while

    Hey, everyone. The last time I posted in here was back in December. I had a plan to end it all before 2019 started and unfortunately that never happened. The last week of 2018, I got sick and was misdiagnosed and I didn’t want to spend my last moments sick, unable to see my family for the last...
  7. Moth

    [Venting] Hospital

    Sooooo, I have landed myself in the psych ward, because of my suicidality, I had a psych assessment in A&E, my brother sat with me, made sure I didn't just say what I needed to to get me out of there. So I've ended up in this place. I want to go home and finish what I started. But seeing my...
  8. Lettam

    [Discussion] Live Streaming CTB

    There are some critics to certain methods such as SN (how effective and peaceful it is) and I was wondering if it'd be appropriate for someone to live stream a CTB attempt to provide more insight on certain methods if they were willing. All live streaming platforms I can think of would...
  9. 21Neberg

    [Discussion] What are the consequences of a failed attempt at an overdose with medicines mixed w/ alcohol?

    Just wondering. If I fail, I don't want to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair.
  10. Querry1

    [Method] Sodium nitrite attempt

    As I said, I'm copypasting my story. I said earlier that I phoned 911 - my mistake, I didn't remember it and actually it was other way around, sorry for that. " Hey guys, last night I went with sodium nitrite and wanted to share some a story. I mixed 15g with 60ml of water, half hour before I...