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  1. C

    Keep myself alive

    Keep myself alive, Don’t want to die just yet, Don’t fret nor regret, Let my past sins forgive myself and others, Listen to the cues of my virtues, Because we are all brothers and sisters of one another, Look to the light or remain in the dark, One cannot exist without the other, Coexist like...
  2. C

    [Story] Sing along

    Sing along, Sing along, I am broken too, I gave away, Gave away, Gave away, My tokens too, I miss you, I miss you, I do love you too, It’s a dream, It’s a dream, It’s a dream come true, To be with you, all of you, My family and friends, And the pets and the support network, I hope it works, In...
  3. R

    Here is one of my exit bags with a bear

    I live. I am chronically ill. I've been that way for a long time. Someday I hope to not be. I have been practicing making my bags. I decided I wanted something that had some decoration. I used a permanent marker. I would like to see others exit bags.
  4. C

    [Venting] When the fire burns away

    When the fire burns away, I will not let it stay, Don’t tell me it’s okay, Because this feeling hurts, Why oh, Oh why, This feeling in my head, I’ve made this my own bed, I shall cause dread, Forbidden, Within dreams, Where shall I go? When there is no one to show, How shall I feel within the...
  5. C

    [Story] The next deja vu nightmare or dream or premonition

    The next deja vu nightmare or dream or premonition, Within my current volition, I don’t believe I see the future, Sure I can entertain that, Even be enlighten by that, Or try to educate myself on that, In my dreams or nightmares, Maybe within deja vu, Not to sound like a fool, But have you ever...
  6. C

    [Venting] The nature of humanity

    The nature of humanity, Within all sanity, And everything, That we hold dear, We shall not fear, And even if so, How shall we go, This place is hell, We all fell, Into this well, Of misery, Despite the agony, Despite the family, And even friends, Or the pets, For I truly believe, That I am...
  7. C

    [Venting] When the sky falls down

    When the skies fall down, I may hit the ground, But would it really matter, As our life shatters, Into pieces, Within multiple places, Like a broken window, For the life I have, It was not my own, How shall I grow, Within the broken, There are no more tokens, Within the grave, How shall I pay...
  8. C

    [Venting] Therapy (poem)

    Therapy, More like treachery, All they care about is the money, Just like I do, Other than death, Of course, For which I may look, Towards the path, Which way should I go, Towards life or death, I do not know, When will I die? How shall I lie, Within this bed, That we all made for ourselves...
  9. C

    [Venting] This new year

    This new year, Not within fear, May I find the peace, That I seek, Either to live, Or to die, What shall I do, For it is uncertain to me, I have enough money to pay, For this month’s rent, I worried about the other, Someone who brought me crack, For which I did relapsed, Not as an addict, But...
  10. C

    [Venting] Boredom

    Boredom, Within this life, On cymbalta, I shall not lie, I hate to cry, I hate sensitivity, Within myself, I hate insecurities, I myself to blame, Within this game, We call life, But death is truly, What I seek, I barely have enough, To support myself, Live off the state, Within SSDI, For if...
  11. C

    [Venting] Help the guy and his sister

    Help the guy and his sister, Welp the man and nothing against her, For I don’t know the whole story, Of their life, But I know, This falls on my own, For I am generous, It is dangerous, Not for you, But for me, This will end in misery, And despair, Out of desperation, This cry for help, For I...
  12. C

    [Story] I’m too generous

    I’m too generous, For it is dangerous, I helped out, Someone else, Who needed money, For it is honey, The honey for money, For it is funny, This guy hooked me up, On crack-cocaine, On a hooker, And a homeless, To let her stay, if she needed, A haven for, A homeless woman, Who has a story, I...
  13. C

    [Story] I made a choice

    I made a choice, Of mistakes, Of consequences, Within the past, Within the present, Within the future, Of uncertainty, Now I am here, Back to crack, Not alcohol, I shall leave the thrall, Of alcohol within the lightning, And the thunder, And now I wonder, Within asunder, How to proceed, Within...
  14. C

    Leap of faith

    Leap of faith, With uncertainty, But it is okay, I shall stay, For within the presence, If this plays out well, There will be no hell, Within the bigger picture, I shall not leave, Unless I’m ready, Sorry for my hypocrisy, My irresponsibility, I hope this is a sign, Out of good intention, How I...
  15. C

    [Venting] In the end

    In the end, I won’t pretend, The life I have, I should be grateful, Despite I’m miserable, Not lonely, Just empty, The pain I feel, In my head, It seems emotional, It is painful, But it is mental, Not physical, But genetic, I hate myself, Why do I live, When I want to die, Where am I going...
  16. C

    [Venting] Suicidal thoughts

    Suicidal thoughts, They come and go, I reap what I sow, For my sins, They create me, But they destroy me, For I am broken, There are no tokens, For this emptiness, It is not loneliness, That bothers me, What is smothering me? For if God does exist, Please forgive me, For everything that I’ve...
  17. Rose Mirren

    Share your art - official

    Hi! This will be SS’s official thread for sharing art! (as approved by the mods) All forms of art are welcome! Sketches, paintings, digital art, sculptures, crafts, posters, poems, stories, photographs, videos/films, animation, music, dance, fashion, cosplay, etc. I turn to art sometimes to...
  18. B

    [Discussion] Anyone else here a failed artist?

    All my life I've been coddled and told how great of an artist I am. All bullshit. I'm no prodigy. I'm worthless and so is anything I make. It infuriates me how no one will admit it.
  19. oldgray

    Do you like to draw / paint?

    (if you want to) post something here! just finished to shred and throw away most of the drawings i somewhat managed to save in the last years (had to stop because i started shaking and almost cried) and thought to make this thread since i haven't seen one yet.
  20. your pathologist

    [Method] Ctb art, possible avatar pictures

    Recently came across some images depicting or suggesting ctb (not actual images of the act, ie; photographs or gore) and was wondering what other people had come across. If not for avatars, maybe just for the chuckle.