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  1. PariahCarey

    [Story] Constantly mourning the loss of my life

    I'm all too used to trying to explain the sharp decline in my body and mind. I'll skip the vivd descriptions of how grotesque my decent into self destruction was. My entire childhood I was one of those short sighted idiots obsessed with his "art" and truly believed it would get me somewhere in...
  2. DrownedOctopus

    [Venting] Plans are paused temporarily

    I’ve started planning, but I haven’t had much in the way of a conversation with my husband about anything for a long while now. Normally he’d be the first to know, but talking to him right now is one sided. I haven’t gotten more than 2 words out of him in over a week. That’s if we talk. It...
  3. DrownedOctopus

    [Help] I feel like I’m dreaming

    I hate the feeling I get when I get extremely anxious with these thoughts that I have. It’s like I’ll go extremely numb and feel nothing, like I’m on the back burner in my own body, like I’m in a dream. I feel like I’m watching someone else take control of me, and that I have no feelings...
  4. gunsforhands

    [Help] Suicide with antidepressants and pills for anxiety?

    Hello! Does anybody here know more about if antidepressants and pills for anxiety disorders does work for cbt? I got them today (in germany). That's what they say on the package: 1) Antidepressant "Fluoxetin" - contains fluoxetine hydrochloride, 20 mg per pill and I got 100 of them. 2)...
  5. lady sea

    [Venting] Am I crazy?

    So I totally just had a panic/anxiety attack while showering. I don't know how to tell my mom that I keep having them more and more frequently or that I'm having them at all (she doesn't know anything). Someone help me find a way to tell her without freaking her out.
  6. Schizotypal

    [Story] This is my life, let me meet you!

    Hey! This is my first post here. I'd like to know why you all is here today. I never had a diagnosis but I know I have very bad anxiety (with really fucking potent insomnia) and became paranoid as the years goes by... And depression only was "visible" for me in my last 3, 4 years, but suicidal...
  7. usernameNotFound

    [Discussion] If health care provided assisted death, would it be better

    I've often thought that the reason I'm suicidal is because I'm worried there will be no way out. But if the option of assisted death was available, I wonder if my anxiety and stress would be reduced - therefore causing me to post-pone my death to a later date (maybe when I'm elderly or...
  8. I am ___________

    [Discussion] I had a dream, what do you think it means?

    Today I had a dream where me and my twin were on some sort of transportation, like a bus or train. All i know is that we were on something that was moving and could see the terrain (houses, background, etc). All of a sudden I see my twin is being attacked by a group of other guys, I rushed to...
  9. s_girl

    [Help] Anxiety drugs

    Hi everyone, What is the best anxiety medication you’ve had and why? Had it helped with your anxiety? Thanks for sharing.
  10. Tiburcio

    Somebody feels you won't feel comfortable never again?

    I used to do something I enjoyed and just chill out. Now, that days won't come never again. I didn't felt comfortable doing anything since my anxiety grown and my depression hit stronger. Nights used to be calming, a free moment just for me... Now, night is the time for anxiety and nental...
  11. Borntodie

    What is causing you to be upset the most?

    I’m depressed. Really depressed. This is probably the only time of day (1am) that I don’t spend crying or worrying about something. I know some stuff are related like abuse and bullying but I think they have their differences.
  12. J

    [Help] Good ways to calm yourself?

    Here it is. I'm in the last 24 hours, although now more like 18 hours, since I checked the weather forecast. I've planned this to perfection and run over it a million times in my head. I know every action to still take and set a schedule, even although the exact time isn't important to me. I...
  13. AntiLifeEric

    Does anyone else have this problem?

    For years I've had problems with my digestive system where if I eat junk food, I feel really anxious and want to crawl out of my skin. It's a physical, not a psychological problem, though some faggot doctors would likely think that I'm making it up. The worst part is that it starts out as only...
  14. I

    [Story] Benzo withdrawal and asperger's syndrome. why i am here.

    I'm going to cut this as short as I can. The reason I am planning on exiting this world soon is mainly because I am suffering the most horrendous withdrawal from 'research chemical' Benzos. I was forced into a cold turkey from a dose equivalent to 1000mg of Diazepam on most days, yeah, 1000...
  15. Smilla


    Who here takes them? I need to ctb soon but my anxiety and panic is rendering me totally non functional. I ordered some off of a website based in China and am hoping they arrive soon, but it could be weeks. I ordered xanex.