1. Hite ES

    Every parent's worst nightmare!

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  2. Hite ES

    [Resource] Probably the most controversial book ever written

    Ever Deeper Honesty: (free pdf, author unknown) What makes it so controversial? It shatters every delusion that humans have regarding life. Everything we've been brainwashed into holding sacred and believing in is a damn lie...
  3. Aqizeth

    What do you think of antinatalism?

    Note: Idk if this has been asked before. In my opinion life is pretty pointless & feels like it mostly consists of suffering. Like a post on this website once said, that there are "happy moments", but in the end nothing is worthy eneogh to keep on suffering through life. (Btw this is the post)...
  4. Tiburcio

    [reflexion] being suicidal is a blessing.

    Before you continue reading I must warn you: very few people will understand my point of view. The most problable think is you will strongly disagree with what I'm going to say and think I'm crazy or very young for having a solid vision of reality. This is a very philisofic post. And my longest...