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  1. P

    I have PSSD. Should I commit suicide?

    Hey everyone. I want your honest opinions- I'm honestly not looking for any particular answer, but to know what to do. I genuinely don't know whether or not I should stay alive and the decision is really hard to make. I'm 20 y/o, took SSRIs when I was 16-17 for 16 months for social anxiety, had...
  2. Tiburcio

    Somebody feels you won't feel comfortable never again?

    I used to do something I enjoyed and just chill out. Now, that days won't come never again. I didn't felt comfortable doing anything since my anxiety grown and my depression hit stronger. Nights used to be calming, a free moment just for me... Now, night is the time for anxiety and nental...
  3. Tiburcio

    [Discussion] Anhedonia thread

    I wonder if somebody here has stopped experienced pleasure in the thungs they liked to do ...or in my case, they never truly enjoyed anything. I saw a lot of people here with anhedonia, like me. For me music is noise, stories are messed words, films are just frames... But everything feels...