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  1. LastFlowers

    [Discussion] What’s one thing (or topic) that gets you into arguments with others?

    Other than the obvious topic of pro-choice, what’s one thing that you end up disagreeing with people on, to the point that you just cannot help yourself? Even on this site, something that has gotten you heated or oppositional..?
  2. Baskol1

    [Venting] I dont care if my parents are sad

    I dont care if my parents would be sad if i kill myself, because they didnt treat me well as a child and teen too. And they never prepared me for life. I think they should suffer a bit too. So i really dont care if they are sad when i commit suicide. Im then dead anyway, so i couldnt care...
  3. Baskol1

    Does anyone else not listen to music anymore?

    I dont listen to music anymore, i cant stand music anymore, doesnt matter what music. Does anyone else have the same feeling? Did you stop listen to music too? If yes, why did you stop listen to music altogether?
  4. Alpha_Draco_Pegasus

    [Venting] A reaction to those who consider suicide to be "selfish"

    This is something that has angered me for quite a while and I've been wanting to get around to expressing my thoughts, feelings and insights about this without being irrational or melodramatic. In school, rehab, and society in general, the attitude at large of suicide is, Do not keep suicidal...
  5. Radaghest

    [Venting] Spite and suicide?

    Who do you hope is hurt when they find out you ctb? Go ahead, let it out. Theres that ONE PERSON.... If you let it sit and fester in your mind, itll just continue to bother you. This is the thread for that anger. I'll start.... Guy who cheated on me for 9 months and dumped me recently and...
  6. Tiburcio

    [Help] Fury

    I want to know if more people has this problem. I sometimes feel invaded by a great fury for no apparent reason. I endured so many shitty people than I don't want to hear another people talking to me in my life. When I'm alone, the fury comes to me too, no matter if nothing relevant happened...