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  1. usernameNotFound

    [Help] Amitriptyline Cocktail Advice

    I'm following the instructions here: It says to take the following: Drug Body weight <100 kg Body weight >100 kg Antiemetic drugs must be taken beforehand Amitriptyline (Elatrol, Elavil, Endep, Laroxyl, Trepiline, Tryptanol...
  2. C

    [Resource] Reputable Online Pharmacies

    There are a lot of posts in here about finding reputable online pharmacies to buy various medications. Here is how I went about it. In the UK there is a website that lists out pharmacies that sell genuine PrEP (HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis). They tested samples of the PrEP that arrived...
  3. Can'tStandAnymore

    [Discussion] SN vs Amitriptyline coctail

    - I can't find the SN by myself so I have to order it from the internet. Also I’m not able to buy any chemical or a med from abroad. There is only one page that sells SN (chem grade) here. But it only sells a few chemicals at all and I’m not really sure about if I should trust to the page. -...
  4. usernameNotFound

    [Venting] O no im still alive - just an update on things

    So I'm going to get supplies for my Amitriptyline Cocktail. I went to the walk in clinic today and asked for a "refill" and they just handed me the prescription, no questions asked. I honestly feel really guilty and bad about it. The doctor was so nice. as a side note: I tried ligature...
  5. G

    [Help] ODing on Nortriptyline (similar to Amitriptyline)

    Hello, I have read a lot about the Amitriptyline cocktail and am considering it. I actually would be using Nortriptyline, which is a similar drug, and I do not think that will be a problem. To prepare, I have been looking online for some experiences with ODing on either of those medications...
  6. Schizoid

    [Help] Questions About Amitriptyline Cocktail

    Sorry for my bed england! I want to commit suicide with Amitriptyline Cocktail but i have some questions about the cocktail, because i found some cardiac drugs. Can anyone answer my questions? MY DRUGS -The Original Amitriptyline Cocktail *Laroxyl 25 mg 40 tablets x 10 boxes = 10...
  7. E

    [Method] Amitriptyline as backup

    Hi everyone, I am going to be using partial as my primary method (providing my tests go well) but want to have a backup method used in tandem in case of a rope break or other unforeseen event. I *may* try also having a plastic bag used under the noose, but am not certain about that. My best...
  8. Vincent Moraes

    [Method] Opinions on amitriptyline

    Hello, I've just managed to get 8 grams of Amitriptyline (more than the recommended lethal dose of 7g), and now I'm just wondering if this method is trully reliable and peaceful. I know a mix should be made, with anti emetics (which I already have, you can buy anywhere around here) and...