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  1. Cinnabun1112

    [Help] I am alone and no one understands...ready to go (plz respond)

    This looks like a safe space to share some of my poetry. I don’t know if any of you will relate but I really need some support as I am dealing with a new diagnosis of C-PTSD from a very abusive relationship I was able to get out of. Now I am just a shell and the closest I’ve been to suicide. A...
  2. LastFlowers

    [Discussion] Anyone go for walks past midnight?

    I don’t walk in my own neighborhood but once in awhile I will walk between 1-3am in my Mother’s neighborhood she just moved to where I know no one and can usually bet on being alone at that time period anyways. I would never walk during the day because of how I look. Im not afraid of being...
  3. Niko

    do people thing you're weird and you desperately don't know why??

    I don't get it? When I was a kid people used to like me, and even now for the most part I get along with everybody. But there's always this thing between me & everyone else? I can't for the life of me figure it out or what to do about it? People who are ostensibly my friends even say 'there's...
  4. anurgetowardlove

    Feeling alone and suicide being "selfish" according to others

    It's hard to sum up your life in a few paragraphs, or explain to anyone what it feels like to be in a constant state of not wanting to be alive. There is a difference between not wanting to live and wanting to die; it's a distinction people often don't understand or forget to make. Once you slip...
  5. Tiburcio

    Do you feel hated?

    Hi. Sorry this uninteresting thread, I just want to express my thoughts. Time ago I was refused by everyone I had at my side. It feels bad, betrayal is something no one should experience. But the point is: this happened a lot years ago but even today I feel refused. Like nobody wants me...