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  1. Rad

    Sleep pill + alcohol?

    Hi guys! I have a question. Do you think that swallow a pill of Hydroxyzine di hydrochloride 25mg (atarax) + 1/3 of clonazepam 2,5mg (liquid) + a lot of alcohol (maybe vodka) will work? Please tell me if this will work chemically. Hugs and head pats for everyone
  2. Y

    Benzo's and bourbon

    Hi all, been looking into various methods (needs to be painless or as painless as possible I dont deal with pain well) would prefer to have as little knowledge of the fact I'm dying as possible. I'm desperate to escape this asap and was looking into the sn method but the anti sickness drugs...
  3. Phil122

    Alcohol benzos and SI

    Planned on using a shit load of xanax and alcohol to reduce SI when the day comes but evertime im really fucked up on it i get really happy and sad that its all gonna end. But when im sober im just to fucking terrified. Lol i dont know how im gonna do this fuck
  4. Mircea

    [Help] Overcoming the body's tendency to throw up when consuming alcohol

    My method of choice will involve consuming a considerable amount of alcohol. To to knock myself out in the water or at least not perceive fear as I drown, I estimated I'll need about 600ml of a 40% concentrated drink. I'll also be taking it after not sleeping for a night or eating for 12 hours...
  5. Mircea

    [Discussion] Drowning in the ocean

    After months of thinking about my plan to escape this world, I have a full scenario planned. I've not yet decided if and when I will have to carry it out but am now prepared for it. I would like to share it here for feedback and to hear other peoples thoughts on it. Note that, in order to avoid...
  6. V

    [Method] Benzodiazepine and Alcohol

    I've read that although an overdose of Benzodiazepines is unlikely to happen, the combination with a huge amount of alcohol may potentialize the effects over the Central Nervous System and cause respiratory failure and consequently death. Has anyone experienced a similar situation or knows if...
  7. Kikoo Loool

    [Method] Alcohol overdose

    Good evening, Does it make sens to try to CTB by an alcohol OD? I mean, not just drink a lot to rown in a bathtubn but really passing away by an excessive quantity of ethanol in body. Which quantity of 40° alcoholic beverage should a 70 kg (155 lbs) male drink (in which amount of time) to make...
  8. Rad

    What do you think about this method?

    I was thinking about use overdose of clonazepam in drops + alcohol (wine or rum or both) + hanging... Do you think this would work?
  9. Daisy

    [Method] knocking myself out with 96% alcohol beverage and drowning in a bathtub or swimming pool?

    Hi (bad english alert) I have been thinking of the least painful way to commit suicide and I considered getting heavily drunk and drowning myself in my bathtub or swimming pool. I would drown while unconscious so do you think it would still be unpleasant/painful? Does it depend on how drunk I...
  10. I

    best alcohol

    even though i'm of legal age i've never had more than half a glass of beer, and have never felt any affects from it, so i know essentially nothing about alcohol. im preparing on dying as soon as i can force myself to do it, but im worried about survival instinct. does anyone have any advice on...
  11. C2theN

    [Method] Multiple Methods

    Does anyone have more than one method - like Plan A + Plan B + Plan C, in case one of them fails? My scheme is to drink SN, snort as much #4 heroin as I can, and then maybe empty an insulin pen if I'm still conscious. I'd also mix in some booze and benzos. My biggest worry is puking that up...
  12. Suicat


    Soon, when I get unescorted leave from the psych ward (this week), I'll be going home and taking a few strips of diazepam 10mg with me then to where I aim to ctb, going to a pub and having a few drinks then buying a bottle of pop and taking the benzos. I don't know whether to Pace myself with...
  13. I

    [Method] Zolpidem + alcohol

    Hi to everyone! I want to do it by taking an overdose of sleeping pills. In my house I have a little bottle of Zolpidem, for the alcohol I can use some vodka or other stuff. But the point is: how much alcohol and Zolpidem I need to sleep forever?
  14. Tiburcio

    [Resource] Do you know about pills?

    In Spain there two kinds of pills called Lormetazepam and Escitalopram. The first ones are sleeping pills and the other are antidepressants. How effective would they be combined with alcohol? Are 20 pills enough for killing a person? (10 of each kind) Just for curiosity...