after death

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  1. Z

    [Discussion] How do you overcome the fear of "nothingness" when we die?

    Hello guys This is my first thread in this forum. FYI English is not my primary language but I will try my best to avoid misunderstanding in my writing. I would like to discuss with you all how to overcome the fear of "feeling nothingness" when we die. Of course I cannot discuss this matter...
  2. Desperate_Soul

    [Discussion] Dead, but then what?

    Hello, I'm new here so I'm not exactly sure if I'm doing this correctly! If not, I apologise. I also have not looked around the forum yet about this topic... which I should've done beforehand, but I've already started this thread... so here we go... For a couple months now, after my first...
  3. MindfulEyes009

    I want to die dreaming and things after

    I think it would be nice.Im thinking of learning Lucid dreaming and figuring out a painless death so i dont wake up. Could you imagine? i may be naive or something but when i feel happy just thinking of going to bed so i can escape myself and this shitty life. Id like some thoughts, opinions...