1. A

    [Method] CTB - Combo method

    Hi Guys, Just reaching out for some advice. There are 2 options and I would like your thoughts on both of them. The target is to make it look like an accident. No plans of doing it right now but just want to have a solid plan in mind for future purposes. Also very comforting to have a...
  2. Divine Trinity

    [Method] Advice/Tips for P. hanging with belt?

    Preferably from ones who tested/attempted themselves.
  3. 3cookies

    How much morphine

    If I take 240mg of morphine daily (120 extended release & 120 immediate release) how much would I have to take to ctb? I also have Xanax, baclofen, and gabapentin and Dilantin in my medication regime. Would I need an anti-enemic as well? Would this be a realistically effective method? I hate to...
  4. Cookiedough8956

    Anyone get annoyed

    When you're explaining your problems to someone, and 1) they totally go off tangent about the most dumbest things, but you don't have the heart to tell them to shut up. And 2) when they do give you advice, they act like a "know it all". I mean I appreciate the time they are giving me but ..why...
  5. S

    What caliber gun do I need?

    I've been looking for the answer to this all day. I am considering buying a gun and I need to know what caliber to use so that the job is done right. I'd really prefer it to be a handgun, not a shotgun. I'm inexperienced with firearms and I'm going to do it in my car so I need something I can...
  6. S

    Do you have a date picked out or are you waiting for the "right moment"?

    I know I want to ctb before May 1st but I can't decide if I want to pick a specific date or just wait until the timing feels right. What do you all think?
  7. S

    I think I've found the right bridge...

    I'm 6 hours away from the closest bridge that I think will be close to 100% fatality rate... It's the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia. It's over water and it's 876 feet high (267 meters). From the looks of it, there are no suicide nets or other precautions. I think the travel there will...
  8. S

    [Method] 20,500mg of Trazadone saved up... will it be enough?

    I have 60 pills of 150mg and 115 pills of 100mg of Trazadone. I plan on taking them all at once to make sure the job is done. I'll get 180mg of klonopin in a couple of weeks that I could add to it. Do you think this will be enough? Do you think I should possibly take less so I wont throw it...
  9. Melliodrama

    Finding a method

    Hey... Guess im seqching again... I just dont know whats possible to get prepare for me... Just a basic info: im from Europe( more precise Germany) so theres a lot of stuff controlled by the eu or the customs and hard to get. And the biggest No-Go is other people, like I want to keep the...
  10. kkatt

    Friendly gaming chat

    I have a friend who has muscular dystrophy and is really struggling just now. He's a great bloke with a fantastic sense of humour and massively intelligent,just really feeling alone. He just needs to make some friends and his biggest interest is gaming. He says he's into "Shooters, RPGs, RTS...
  11. Melliodrama

    [Help] I wanna end it

    Hey... I've been battling with this though for such a long time, that i cant rememver the last time i didn't ... Well but i dont really know how... I just thought bout GLB, but its kinda semi legal here(im from Germany). Im just really scared of consequences if i fail(jeah cause i allways mess...
  12. AhG


    I have searched through some of these threads and haven’t really found much on traffic. I was wondering what were people’s thoughts on the matter. Jumping in front of oncoming traffic or being in a car crash without a seatbelt. I have thought about who it would affect afterwards. Hurting people...
  13. daikon

    Need some advice

    I figure here's the place to ask, since if I ask anyone IRL they'll just tell me not to commit suicide which is...not helpful. I have two suicide-related problems, I guess: 1. Should I stop trying to make new friends and social connections? I so desperately want to be liked and I hate being...
  14. N

    Set my date

    So I've decided on my date which gives me a couple of days to tie up some loose ends I've read through quite a lot of the threads on here about hanging. I tried 2 days ago with partial hanging but I was found by my best friend. I got to the stage where I was just about to pass out. This time I...
  15. anthomaniac

    [Venting] Any help on to get over someone?

    I swear i have tried everything i fucking could and i can't forget him, it's been a year now, and i'm afraid i still love him the same as that first day i saw him. And it's been ruining my fucking life, more than of what it already is...
  16. PeakyBlinder

    What is the best advice you’ve gotten on this forum?

    What is the best advice/tip you’ve gotten here? Let’s learn from each other’s mistakes/tips. Best advice for me is probably not telling anyone my ctb plans. The whole fallout isn’t worth it UNLESS it’s a cry for help.
  17. thrw_a_way1221221

    [Method] Need some advice on my plan (firearm)

    Disclaimer: This will be a very long post as it shows the plan in detail and covers every aspect, from planning, obtaining, and finally, the attempt. I have decided on using firearms as my method, and for some people, obtaining one and then being able to find a time and location for it is easy...
  18. T

    [Method] Anyone with firearms knowledge here?

    Hey guys, I used to lurk on the subreddit but I was too afraid to post anything. I'm writing this now because I'm making preparations to ctb. My method of choice is a shotgun to the temple. I have been blessed with the opportunity of living in a state with lax gun laws so despite having...
  19. B

    [Help] Would this work

    I am planning to hang myself from my door knob (tie the rope to the other side of the door, close the door and hang yourself on the other side) apparently this method is painless for the most part if you do it properly because you blackout after 10 seconds or so. Is there anything I should...
  20. A

    [Help] Charcoal method-- smoke and being discreet?

    Hi. So ive been reading up on the carbon monoxide method and I have one main question and then another secondary one. I live in a very populated apartment complex in a very populated city and college town. this means lots of security and campus police. I was planning on doing it in my car (a...