1. Divine Trinity

    [Discussion] Habitual coping mechanisms

    While usually not healthy or cheap, everyone has some sort of coping mechanism. Up to 3 choices, had to cut list short.
  2. FTL.Wanderer

    [Discussion] Do you rely on any coping chemicals?

    Do you commonly rely on any chemicals to get you through stressful times? Is this effective for you? Have you tried to stop? If you've relapsed, why do you think you have? Have you tried professional therapeutic counseling/advice? Do you think you have a chemical dependence? Are you...
  3. I

    [Discussion] No 'recovery' from addiction

    Does anyone else, particularly those in the UK, have any experience with addiction treatment services?. This stupid abstinence model is partially to blame for what is happening to me. One of these so called treatment services are over 90% to blame for the place I have landed up in. They...
  4. FTL.Wanderer

    [Discussion] The root cause of the problem--share

    Anyone else feel specifically that their base problem has been that, for whatever reasons, they just don't fit in anywhere? And that, therefore, no excuse--no matter how objectively valid, matters for your social failures b/c people are ultimately free to accept or reject other people? I was...