accidental death

  1. Alecsa

    Snakebites to CTB

    I was thinking of going hiking, maybe in a place with lots of deadly snakes. Make the thing look more like an accident. Please share your thoughts, anything is much appreciated.
  2. eczema

    Accidental death, maybe by illness?

    How do I make my death look like an accident? Is there a way to make yourself fatally ill? I intended to hang myself, but if my brother saw my body it would scar him for life. Now I'm wondering about an infection (with my skin condition it's believable) but I want it to be certain. Part of me...
  3. G

    [Method] How to make co look like an accident?

    So I am thinking about the CO method, seems easy enough. Probably in a year from now. I live in an apartment alone, which is old and big (but with many different rooms) and radiators all over. Is there a way to make the CO poisoning look accidental? I'll have everything all set...
  4. longingforrelease

    [Method] Can anyone tell me about suicide by scuba diving?

    Hi all, I'm new to this group, but I'm grateful I've found you. I'm approaching the point at which I think the release of death is indeed preferable to continuing to live in the misery that is my life. I suffer from bipolar, have a history of drug and alcohol addiction.In a bout of uncontrolled...
  5. L

    [Venting] /rant (last act of love)

    I was reading in a thread earlier in which one of you guys mentioned a good idea for hanging yourself and making it appear accidental. It involved making it look like a fetish thing. I want to partially hang myself so badly at work Monday. I know I can do this, I can at least succeed in this...
  6. iamthezero

    [Discussion] Paying for burial? accidental death insurance?

    For some of us, the life insurance policy we have won’t cover suicide. I happen to only have accidentally death coverage. I was never able to get coverage because of mental health history and hospitalizations. I have thought about the accidental death. And even if i could pull it off, I fear...